Hi friend.
This is my artblog.

things i like:
adventure time, ghibli, 999, ace attorney,pokemon

Request is closed (progress: 6/16).



@luciferwardthedreamlord awww thanks <33 

@anon hi there anon! I don’t have a DA, I’m sorry ;u; I post most of the stuff here.



…..n-no, I did not. /muffLED SCREAMS 
Thanks for pointing it out though ;u;b
I can’t do it now but I’ll come back and fix the drawing 
…..nvm how many people have already reblogged it /MUFFLED SCREAMS CONTINUE


Now for a little psa: I’m going to be busy these couple of weeks so I wouldn’t be able to work on the requests.Sorry for yet another delay but I’ll get right back to them when I’m back!

And thanks for everyone who liked/reblogged my stuff or followed my blog!
I don’t posted enough but thanks for showing interest in my drawings <3
Take care all of you, and I’ll see you guys in a few weeks!

samolo's oc Samicia 
Thanks for the request! And please go check out his blog! He has lovely art &lt;3 
Nepeta and Dave for devilredlink
Thanks for the request! I&#8217;m sorry for making you wait orz 

here’s a small drawing of choi from tamako market for the sweet nori-mori~! as thanks for the adorable drawing of kini &lt;3 hope you like it dear! this was my first attempt in doing a lineart in firealpaca ;;;; ahah things still look a bit odd but i’ll keep on practicing a;dslkf;f
i’ve never seen the show, only bits through tumblr but it seems cute and sillyyy, i’ve gotta find some free time to watch it Q uQ &lt;3

oMG THANK YOU SO MUCH She looks so precious! AND YOU DREW DERA TOOSDFSDFYour style is gorgeous and I love how they turn out!! 
Thanks again for the drawing ;u; you are too sweet! *hugs*

Hey guys, I got busy over the week, but I’m still working on the requests! 

If you have sent me an ask earlier, I’d message you with a link when I’m done with your request! Thanks and sorry for the holdup. m( _ _)m

ncspoof's character Gavin Winters
Thanks for the request!
Request closed o/

Thanks to everyone who have been sending in requests! o/ 
I’m sorry I draw really slow, so these are going to take some time; please be patient with me. orz

I’ll send you a message with a link when I’m done with your request. 

Anonymous asked : I just wanted to say that I love your art and your style is really cute. Hope you have a nice day :D /rolls out of ask box

lkmsd noo come back and lemme hug you! ! ! 
Thank you for the kind message ;u; Hope you have a nice day too!

Kinies' character Kini 
Thanks for the request!
Homura (PMMM) for denkiishi! Thanks for the request =)